How to Install Navman Mivue 900 Dash Camera Installation

It is unavoidable to take all the nowadays smashing hits and runs lightly as they can push your life to risks. That’s why installing a Navman mivue 900 dash camera is essential to activate Navman updates. The reason behind this is the advanced Navman GPS technical features and functions, plus its elegant body. More precisely, it has two front and rear cameras that record in Full HD 1080P at 30 frames/ second. Also, a Premium STARVIS Ultra Low Light Sensor located in the front camera enables you to get all the accidents and all the premium safety alerts. And these are red-light cameras and speed, accident black spots you can update freely on a monthly basis, and school zones. 

Moreover, once you proceed with the Navman update, it will upgrade all the Navman GPS features to keep you safe and aware on the road. Besides, all footage has Navman GPS watch tagging to record the current location of the accident spot. And even the G-Force Sensor in order to provide precise information about the direction and force of impact. Adding on, by adding a Smartbox accessory, you will be able to access the parking mode, which records the motion and impact of your vehicle. 

Specifications of Navman Mivue 900 DC-

  • The very basic thing is its 2-inch LCD screen. 
  • Next is the 140° Front & 130° Rear field view. 
  • Another specification is the 51mm x 84mm x 32mm, product dimensions.
  • The last one is the Class 10/UHS-1/ MicroSD up to 128GB memory expansion. 
  • Remember, using the Navman GPS watch offers a two years warranty that uplifts the benefits of keeping your Navman updated.  

Accessories that Come with Navman Mivue 900 DC-

  • Once you unwrap your dash camera package, you will first get the MiVue 900 Unit. 
  • Next are the rear camera and the eight-meter rear camera connection cable.
  • Another one is the vehicle power adapter also the windshield mount. 
  • Last are cable clips and a user manual containing the Navman update process. 

Features of Navman Mivue 900 Dash Camera-

  • Full HD 1080P Recording Front and Rear

This is the very first feature that you can enjoy once you complete the Navman update process. Using this feature enables your Navman GPS watch and camera to capture the incident with high-quality 1080P 30FPS video quality. 

  • GPS Tagged Video

This is another GPS-tagged video that records your position wherever you go. Remember, using this in-built high-sensitivity GPS receiver records your driving information in an automatic mode. And these are direction, speed, and location. 

  • Premium Safety Alerts

Adding safety alerts such as known accident blackspots, timed school zones, and speed zone changes on motorways and railway crossing enables you to keep yourself safe on the road. 

  • 3-Axis G-Sensor 

You can use this 3-Axis G-Sensor feature in the situation of smashing and collision. Hence, it shows the direction of the impact and even provides information on how it took place.  

  • Premium STARVIS Low Light Sensor

Premium STARVIS low light sensor is the next feature that you can use to improve your Navman GPS watch and dash camera. Once you finish the Navman update, you can get much clearer images, even in low light. And also the ability to capture videos with rich clarity, contrast, and colors. Plus, exceptional recording and optimal vision, even in low light conditions.   

Navman Mivue 900 DC Hardwire Installation to the Fusebox-
Navman Mivue 900 DC Hardwire Installation

Hardwiring your dash cam to the vehicle’s fusebox is the common installation procedure to power your dash cam. Even if the vehicle is off, it can offer a parking-mode recording option for dash cam video. Besides, the hardwiring kits come with your dash camera that widely assists the drivers to channel front and rear camera protection for their automobiles. Plus, the rearview mirror protection and front windshield are also included. Moreover, the fuse box provides power to your front and rear camera. 

And even let your Navman dash camera take relevant video footage to your memory card, even if your vehicle is off. Furthermore, switching to a hardware kit helps you in gaining access to the most important features. And these are Wi-Fi, full HD recording, GPS, parking mode, and even more via your smartphone integration accessibility. Adding on, the popular brands available in the market for hardwire kits are VIOFO 3-Wire Hardwire Kit and the BlackVue Power Magic Pro. But at the same time, proceeding with the Navman update process is evenly important to accelerate the performance.

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