Navman Mivue760 Ultra Review, Features & Specifications

Navman is known for producing dashcams with the most up-to-date features and exceptional picture quality. Thus, the Navman Mivue760 ultra is well-known among dashcams for taking footage to a whole new level. It makes use of Sony’s Starvis technology and ULTRA2160p recording to deliver exceptional picture quality in low-light situations. Additionally, the crystal clear images, rich colors, and outstanding contrast provide the user with excellent night vision.

The Navman mivue760 ultra also lets users record their road adventures with excellent picture quality and safety features. The Navman mivue760 dashcam is also incredibly powerful due to its rapid footage sharing and outstanding picture quality. In addition to this, it produces incredible low-light performance and as near to night vision as possible in the dashcam.

The Navman Mivue760 Ultra dashcam records at ULTRA 2160p, which sets it aside from other dash cams. Additionally, EZYSHARE allows users to effortlessly and swiftly share footage via a wireless connection. It is also compatible with the GPS tagged video that identifies where and when the accident happened.

It also has Navman safety features like Driver Fatigue, Drivers Speed Display, and Headlight Alert, which provide an additional layer of security. Furthermore, users will become more familiar with the Navman dashcam due to the information provided in this Navman mivue760 ultra review.

Navman Mivue760 Ultra Specifications

Below provided are the specifications of the Navman mivue760 ultra. So, check out the details provided below.

  • Vehicle Camera Type Drive Cameras
  • Movie recording Ultra HD
  • Motion detection: Yes
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Monitor included: Yes
  • Touchscreen: It supports touchscreen feature
  • Device screen size (inches): 2.7
  • Screen Type: It has an LCD screen 
  • Expandable memory format Micro SD card
  • Expandable memory up to 128GB
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: The warranty of the device is 2 Years

Navman Mivue 760 Features

Navman Mivue760 includes the following features provided below.

Ultra 2160p Recording

It enables users to capture film at Ultra 2160p with H.264 compression, allowing them to save more.

EZYSHARE Instantly via Wi-Fi

Users can send the video footage from the recorder to their smartphones over a wireless connection. The video will be saved on the camera if the user is not connected to their smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. When the gadget connects to the wireless network, it will automatically upload.

GPS Tagged Video

It helps users to keep track of their location no matter where they go. Hence, their driving details, such as speed, direction, and location, are automatically recorded by the built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver.

Event Recording Mode

It records the Micro SD card footage for further analysis whenever it detects rapid changes in motion or an impact. It also uses a wireless connection to deliver the video feed to the mobile device.

3-Axis G-Sensor

The 3-axis G-Sensor records the user’s driving direction and crucial incidents to demonstrate the direction, and the impact came from assisting the user in recording how the impact happened.

Driver Fatigue Alerts

It will automatically alter the user with voice and visual instructions to continuously take a break when driving for 2 hours.

Headlight Warning

This feature keeps the user safe by reminding them to turn on their headlights in low-light situations.

Rotating Design

It allows for easy 360º rotation of the user’s angle to record from, with no blind spots.

Parking Mode

If the car is injured or damaged while parked, the Navman mivue760 ultra instantly starts recording due to built-in motion detection technology.

So that completes the Navman mivue760 ultra review. Hope that the users have become familiar with the Navman mivue760 ultra after going through the features provided above. However, to use the device to its full potential, the users can perform the Navman update procedure. Thus, if any user fails to perform the update procedure, they must contact the experts for assistance.

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